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Hedge Laying, Planting & Coppicing
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Carried out as part of the Hedgerow Management Cycle, hedge laying involves partially cutting the stems of the hedgerow plants ('pleachers'), and laying them down in the same direction along the line of the hedge. They are then fixed in place using Hazel stakes and Hazel or Willow binders.

This cutting process works in much the same way as coppicing Hazel, as it encourages regrowth from the base of the hedge making it denser and filling any gaps, and the cut stems will also continue to grow as they are still attached.

Hedge laying was originally used to enclose livestock in fields, and in some areas is still used for this today.

A variety of 'hedging' styles are used dependent on the locality, and we lay hedges predominantly in the 'South of England' style.


The additional benefits of hedge laying include increased opportunities for shelter and food for wildlife, creating a windbreak for crops and livestock, carbon storage, and also helping to prevent wind-related soil erosion in hot summers. 

For more information on laying hedges, please visit the National Hedgelaying Society website.

Hedge laying:

  • Priced per metre dependant on age/size of hedgerow

  • Stakes and binders will be included in quote

Hedge planting:

  • Priced per metre

Stewardship Grant work undertaken

Please contact us to discuss requirements

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